Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Mind Blowing Income for Life

We call it the 8k a Week

With this GREAT Opportunity you either want to spend
only a little to make a lot of money or not. Our guess is that you certainly
want to do that! does spending $32.50 to get started and only $18.50 weekly
thereafter sound IF you're not only in profit after the first week...but very
possibly well on your way to pocketing THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS

We call that a win/win. Low start up cost...Huge Income Return :-)


There's a reason this program is named 8K A Week...and it's not brain
surgery (although don't tell this to the highly reputable owner, David
Rosen, who built the comp model featuring a rather complicated
proprietary algorithm). So here's the reason: Simple. When your small
3x6 COMPANY FORCED matrix is filled, you will have built your financial
empire to $8,000 each and every week. Now, that's a nice residual income.

Some people will be at this level by this time next month. Others will
be well on their way. All we know is that even if your "only" earning
$250 A Week, that's $1K A Month...pretty nice pocket change off
an initial $32.50 spend, followed by weekly $18.50 spends. Who
doesn't like those figures?

Yes I said - Everyone Wins WHY? This is a forced Filled 3x6 matrix.
All the heavy hitters have already been placed at the top to create spill.
Launches Feb 1st, but get your place today using alertpay.


You Choose Your Income Potential
Enroll 3 who Enroll 3 and become KRAZY8ed and Earn even More

Zero Enrollees up to = $42 per week See We All Win !
1 Enrollee up to = $123 per week
2 Enrollees up to = $366 per week
3 Enrollees up to = $1824 per week
3 who have 3 up to = $8007 per week (The best)
3 or more who 3 = Unlimited

P.S....Once you join me I'll help you advertise & market your new site using only free tools that will bring more then the 3 people you need so you'll be on your way to more then $8k a week Guarantee(No out of pocket expense)